After you’ve sent out the invites, the real question is, how many will actually show up?

This is a crucial number to have so you know how much food to order, if the venue is the right size, and the list goes on. Well, here’s the deal:

On average, 60% of invited guests will show up at your event.

And here’s the best case scenario:

If you invite your closest friends and family only, you can expect about 75% to show up.

It’s painful to think about, but true nonetheless.

To give you an example of what the numbers look like, let’s use NoLimits Event Center as an example.

NoLimits comfortably holds up to 115 guests. Here’s how the numbers break down based on the percentages above:

  • You can invite up to 192 people before you reach the max 115 guests in attendance.
  • Or, if you are inviting only your closest family and friends, you can invite up to 153 and NoLimits will fit your event perfectly.

Don’t overpay for event space or food.

Whether you choose NoLimits Event Center or not, definitely use this information to plan for your event.

Simply take the number of people invited and multiply it by .6 to get a really good idea of how many people will actually show up.

And don’t let your optimism get the best of you, thinking that your event will be different. I’ve coordinated close to 100 events, and the 60% rule hits the mark almost exactly every time.

Side Note for Paid Events

If you are planning an event where attendees have to pay more than $20 to attend, you can expect about 90% of those who register and pay in advance to show up.

About the Author

Kade Young

Kade Young is the director of NoLimits Event Center in Owasso, Oklahoma.